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We’re building the world’s first community driven elementary education marketplace to expand parental choice, uplift great teachers, and improve student outcomes everywhere.

Inspired by the rapid rise and outstanding results generated by Micro/Pod Schooling, Edefy helps communities everywhere build and access professionally instructed, in-person, Small Group Learning solutions on demand.

Our mobile app aligns families into student peer groups and connects them directly with best-fit teachers at dedicated meeting spaces from nearby hosts in the community.


We want to see families everywhere free to assemble as they see fit, partnering directly with professional teachers to personalize their child’s education in alignment with their values.

Unfortunately, the process of taking responsibility for even a small Microschool/Podschool/Cooperative is a significant undertaking…we know from having done it! And we know the time and material resources required are not available to most families. We started building Edefy to help us manage our own podschool, but quickly realized we should let everyone use it to establish their own Small Group Learning solutions on demand.

Our dream is to see an explosion of small group learning options in every geography, creating a radical new market of choices for parents, with different types of teachers, locations, and programs addressing different desires and needs according to demand.


We’re a husband and wife team who have been blessed to see our children, our nieces and nephews, and the children of our friends thriving in a  “pod” school hosted on our family property since 2010.

Separately, after five years of investing professionally in high end private education overseas, we were surprised to realize that with all the fancy buildings and talented administration staff, it was hard to beat the community experience and academic results of the Small Group Learning taking place back home.

When the pandemic hit in 2021 we started working to connect families directly to great educators at third party host sites. While the outcomes were again fantastic for families and educators, we were forced to develop special purpose technology to help solve the year to year logistics challenges associated with this model of learning…and now want to make it available to anyone.

We have self-funded the development of this app (so be patient with us please) and given the private nature of the information collected and shared between families, their educators and Host sites, think it’s important for something like this to be owned and operated by Parents, not Private Equity or Institutional Investors.

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