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Small Group Learning

Small Group Learning (SGL) describes a premium form of “concierge” education where families group together and hire a teacher directly to educate their children at a convenient location. Practiced in various forms by the growing number of Microschools, Pod Schools and Cooperatives across the country, an increasing number of families and education professionals are recognizing it’s effectiveness:

The most-cited benefit families noted was that their child felt more known, heard, and valued, according to Poon. “The majority of families who did form these pods actually liked their pods better than any of their prior schooling experiences,” she says.

Revenge of the Pod ParentsThe Intelligencer, June 16, 2022

Microschooling really is about meeting the needs of each individual child and their family. The small groups allow for personalized learning and one-on-one time. Multiage groups allow for students from a range of grade levels to be together for their schooling.

Microschooling: A New Educational Option for ParentsNevada Policy, July 29, 2020

...the ability to attend to students' needs marks an important shift away from a broken education system that forces teachers to teach "to the middle" or "to the test." Micro schools offer a promising solution...

The One-Room Schoolhouse is the Next Big Thing in EducationBusiness Insider, Jan 29, 2016

...both Horn and Staker say they think micro schools have the potential to really shake up the private school sector. In addition to offering a highly personalized education to students, they’re also a less expensive alternative to many private schools, especially in high cost-of-living cities...

‘Micro Schools’ Could Be New Competition for Private K-12Education Week, January 26, 2016

I really think we're at the beginning of what will be an ongoing movement toward personalized, learner-centered, unconventional education models...

The Rising Trend in Private Education: Teeny, Tiny SchoolsThe Wall Street Journal, Aug. 21, 2023

In Elementary Education, the vast majority of a child’s experience is dependent on the quality of their teacher. Small Group Learning unlocks tremendous value for families, by allowing them to competitively compensate teachers directly who otherwise could be teaching at private schools costing multiple times more!

With only 8-12 students to focus on, Teachers can actually personalize learning per child at a level that is just not possible within the typical, larger classes of even the most exclusive private schools.

Directly accountable to parents, teachers are highly motivated to do what is best to optimize outcomes for each of their students individually, rather than simply following some pre-set curriculum, pace and progression mandated by a central administrative group.

Historically, this model of education has required extraordinary time and financial resources from the families involved to organize, launch, and manage.

Edefy simplifies the complexity, bringing together families, teachers, and hosts from the community to form Small Group Learning solutions according to local demand.

Small Group Learning is not just for affluent families anymore, with Edefy, this powerful form of education is available to everyone at a reasonable cost.

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